ModelTeenz Daniel
Daniel’s curvaceous crumpets do this week’s Tushday honors in a selection from ModelTeenz photo set SE 378, previously posted and available to download – click here to get it. (Or, click here for the crumpeteria.)


ModelTeenz Dougie
Dougie’s demispheres do this week’s Tushday honors, from one of his seven ModelTeenz photo sets. To peruse our full rump-o-rama, click here.


ModelTeenz Chris
This Tushday it’s Chris from ModelTeenz providing the hefty hemispheres. To peruse our parade of posteriors, click here.


ModelTeenz Cole
Cole’s bodacious bum does the Tushday honors this week, from ModelTeenz photo set SE 216. For our total tushiepalooza, click here.

Alex A

ModelTeenz Alex A
Alex A presents this Tushday’s dumpling duo in a selection from ModelTeenz photo set SE 207. To peruse our burgeoning bunanza, click here.